Woman Chops Off Husband’s Vital Organ For A Silly Reason


Currently Admitted to a hospital in Jharkhand’s Hazaribagh town, some 95 km from the state capital Ranchi, Mohammed Ashiq was brought at the hospital in a lake of blood, writhing in pain. This is the punishment of a wife to her husband, Who had Committed a heinous crime (ironically). Oh yeah, Heinous…

What else can you say about this crime where the punishment is up to this extent?


Doctors who received Ashiq at the hospital were in a shock. The patient’s penis had been chopped off. Now, You want to know about that crime. Right? Okay, let’s read the whole story.

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Woman Chops Off Husband’s Vital Organ… 

Woman Chops Off Husband's Vital Organ For A Silly Reason

Ashiq and Tarannum have been married for 9 years. The couple has three children but the husband-wife relationship is anything but cordial.

On that day, Tarannum was chatting with her friend over the phone. Ashiq asked his wife to discontinue the call but she denied. Angered over the snub, Ashiq snatched her mobile phone.

An infuriated Tarannum then threatened her husband that she will commit suicide along with the kids. The couple then had a heated exchange following which Ashiq approached the police with a complaint against his wife.

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To Ashiq, Tarannum seemed to be repentant after the police complaint but she was planning something horrific. They both returned home, and Ashiq went to bed. Later in the night, Tarannum took out a sharp object and slashed her husband’s genitals while he was sleeping.

Despite being married to Ashiq for nine long years, Tarannum reportedly never had any affection for her husband.

In fact, Tarannum has run away from her husband’s house on several occasions in the past. The local police have made the couple sign conciliation bonds as many as 18 times. But things never improved.

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People in the neighbourhood including the doctors are shocked after the incident. How can a woman chops off husband’s vital organ for snatching her mobile phone?

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