Why We Close Our Eyes While Kissing? Here Is The Reason!

Why We Close Our Eyes While Kissing? Here Is The Reason!

Do You have ever wondered Why We Close Our Eyes While Kissing?

A Kiss expresses our sentiments of love and affection. The human practice of showing love and kissing is discovered worldwide and everyone does it as a sign of love.


closing your eyes while kissing

But why do we close our eyes when we kiss is still a mystery for most of us. It’s how we’ve been trained — lean in, close your eyes and present your lips. But why to close my eyes unnecessarily?

Let’s solve the mystery today… It is not because of any one reason but accompanied by some…

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— Our Eyes !!!

Closed eyes

Okay, Let me ask you for an exercise…

Just take your hand in front of your eyes and bring it closer. Closer…Closer…Closer…

Okay, do u remember your last kiss? If yes then please keep the same distance between your eyes and your hand as it was between your eyes and your partner.

Yes, It is mainly about the distance. It is not comfortable for our eyes. Also, instead of getting distracted by our retinal-shutters while we’re kissing, we choose to shut our eyes.

— Our Brain

According to psychologists Polly Dalton and Sandra Murphy, who studied a group of participants interacting with both physical and visual stimuli, the brain cannot fully appreciate the physical when distracted with the visual.

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brain can not handle

Yes, our brain can’t handle it. It’s true. If we were to keep our eyes open, we would be getting a tactile and visual sensation at the same time. and our brain cannot focus equally on two different stimuli at the same time. Also, It is obvious that while we have to choose between the two, the tactile stimuli of two lips meeting is more important stimuli at the time of kissing. 😀

–It’s about Romance

It’s extremely awkward and unromantic to kiss with open eyes. Just think about it…

bustle image


Check this list: lean, eyes, lips. The lean is necessary, the lips are the main event, and then closed eyes. Yes, it is also for romance. let you see with your brain and feel it with your heart. So romantic.. isn’t it?

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