For them, sex is all about ‘a boy and a girl physically together‘ but unfortunately the topic is not that simple.

‘Sex’ is often misunderstood by people and they always have some delusions regarding the same. You can digest misunderstandings up to an extent but when you find some extra hilarious and downright stupid questions asked online, you can only laugh…. laugh….. and laugh again…. 😀 😛

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Here, We have 17 of those Weird Sex Questions Asked By People on the web.

(1) She Wants To Be A Virgin Again… :O

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(2) Ohh God!!! Please Help Him

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(3) It’s Just A Cold, Not Contraception

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(4) Aap Purush Nhi Mahapurush Hain

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(5) Who Does This?… Like Seriously?

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(6) Creative Thinking..Haa?

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(7) So, You Wanna Teach Your Dog… 😀 And How Will You Do That?  

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(8) Belieber Like Her…?

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(9) I Thought Menstruation Is Only For Girls

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(10) Selfish Daddy!!! :O

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(11) Now, You Should Pull It For 30 Minutes a Day 😀 #LOL

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