15 Unique Guinness World Records From India


(7) World’s Longest Wearable Turban


The largest turban is made with 645 metres of cloth and belongs to Avtar Singh Mauni from Patiala. As per the news, he takes 6 hours to get ready every morning.

(8) World’s Longest Moustache


Ram Singh Chauhan from Jaipur holds the title of the world’s largest moustache. 14 feet long, Chauhan has been growing it for 33 odd years now!

(9) Maximum Number Of Stamps On A Parcel


A man from West Bengal’s Nadia district has made it to the Guinness Book of World Records by applying the highest number of stamps on a parcel. Manoj Kumar Mondal, who had sent a parcel to their office in London using 3809 Indian postal stamps in March.

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(10) Largest Barefoot Walk


The existing Guinness world record for the ‘largest barefoot walk’ was broken by  National Service Scheme (NSS) cell of Palamuru University in 2010. All the walkers walked a pre-measured range of one km within the clearly marked lanes on the campus. Within two hours after the ceremony began, the NSS cell, created the new record.

(11) Longest Ear Hair


Radha Kant Bajpai broke his own record in 2010 by achieving the measurement of 13.2 centimetres at the age of 50 and achieved the record.

(12) Most Hugs Given In An Hour


One Jayasimha Ravirala broke the history for the maximum number of hugs given. In an hour, he hugged as many as 2,436 people. Jayasimha Ravirala holds several Guinness World Records titles.

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