After having survived three years of mass communication and journalism course, I find it my core duty to pass down the gems of experience that I have had a chance to acquire while living the most extraordinary period of my life. It was not that typical one like medical or engineering but was not easy either.

9 Things That You Need To Survive Your Time At A Mass Communication College


So, was it a right decision?

I don’t know about my choice… but yes, I will never regret the decision because my passion is what I live for.

Here, I am listing the things that you need to survive at a mass communication college. Okay, Choices may differ, but this is what I have discovered in these three years.

(1) Muhfatt Hona Is Compulsory 

Every next person who wants to be a journalist can not be a “Muhfatt”, but if you are one of them, then it’s an asset for you. Muhfatt people are straight forward people who just don’t give a shit about what people think about them.

Be bold enough to keep forward your thoughts, attitudes and opinions in an understandable manner without making it sound like candy. If you are one of the ‘muhfatts’ then you own the world, my friend, just stay the way you are, and you will be happy throughout your college life.

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(2) Don’t Hide Your Talent

Talent is all about doing something best that every person can not. Singing, Dancing, Comedy and all can be your expertise but don’t worry if you are not good in these customary activities. Kindness could also be a talent.

It’s important to uncover the best in you that makes you completely different from others. Your talent helps you in getting recognition among others.

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(3) Get Involved On Campus

A big predicament for lots of new college students is a feeling of not quite belonging to the all new surroundings of Journalism.

An answer?

Consider becoming a member of all on-campus activities to get yourself indulged. You’ll make new buddies, learn new abilities, and feel extra related to your college.

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(4) Be Regular

Joining Mass Communication and Journalism college can be a subjectively and professionally salubrious experience, and, believe it or not, attending your classes greatly contributes to this experience. I know, some classes seem like a total waste of time, but even those courses (or the faculty) have something substantial to offer (with rare exceptions).

Excellent attendance combined with good college study skills and an attitude to learn will take you a long way especially when you are in a competitive field like journalism.

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(5) Keep Yourself Away From Politics

Okay, If you are interested, You should have joined any other discipline. Journalism is not about politics. You cannot avoid College politics altogether.

By simply being a student of a class having similar people like you, you’re already part of the political landscape, regardless of whether or not you’re actively engaging in fights and dramas.

Keeping yourself away from politics is one of the most important things that you need to survive your time at a Mass Communication College. Especially when it is about college management, just ignore it.


(6) Improve Your Writing Skills

Writing well is difficult, isn’t it? 

Yes, but it is an important aspect of mass communication. No matter you are interested in PR, Radio Jockeying, Anchoring, Reporting or anything else, people with better writing skills are always preferred for most of the branches of mass communication. Even when you are not good at writing, you can at least practice your skills to let faculties know you and so to survive your level best time at A Mass Communication College.

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(7) Padhai Bhi Jaruri Hai

It is true that Mass Comm. is more practical and involves a lot of hands-on work, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t have to study. Better Grades can help you both socially and professionally.

(8) Be Like Rajiv* (Give Up Stress)

*(Rajiv is one among my best mates, who is far away(Thank God) from the troubled world. He’s one of those limited people on this planet who can manage to be joyful even when it’s the worst situation for others (Don’t know the key behind this). Well, Why I’m considering the stress and Rajiv is because you’ll ruin your college life experience being crammed with anxiety and tensions)

It is scientifically proven that every time you are under stress, you lose intelligence as well as the confidence. I have witnessed a lot of my juniors taking a load for Internships, Notes, Exams and All, which is a nasty attitude.

It’s so unpleasant to see people go from being kind and candy to real beasts the second they’re under stress. If you want to have lots of mates, high-quality people to spend your time with, and if you want to enjoy your college life, choose to leave stress behind, and your wish will come true.

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(9) Come’on It’s Mass Communication  

People often misunderstand the field comparing it with engineering and others. Unlike others, Mass Communication needs hard work, endurance, focus and curiosity in artistic endeavours even when you are only studying it but when you start giving your maximum efforts to it, rest assured you’d feel you are up to some very Nobel cause.

You may face a lot of difficulties while on internship and practice sessions in your college but be patient, and you will quickly pass all your hard times.

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## Bonus: Buy A DSLR, And You Will Rule Throughout 😛 


So, let me ask you that annoying question again.

What Made You Choose Mass Communication As Your Field Of Study?

Be specific while answering the question because I know many of you would fail to answer (appropriate) the question. #Comment your answer#, and if you are focused enough, I can bet you that you will successfully survive your time at your college.

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