You are accustomed to the symbol as it is everywhere. Your mobile, TV, Laptop, Microwave oven, or any other electronic appliance, you can see the symbol on every power button. Have you ever wondered about this symbol on every power button? Is there any logic behind the design of this symbol?

Okay, let’s solve it and it is a way too interesting story.


this symbol on every power button

Just look at the above image and just try to solve the puzzle. Is there anything secret in this power symbol?

Power Symbol on every Power Button… See it once again.

Symbol On Every Power Button?

Do you see an ‘I’ and ‘O’ sign?

okay, now the history and logical part…

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In binary systems, 1 means “on” and 0 mean “off.” In 1973, it was standardised by International Electrotechnical Commission, IEC as a power button symbol and since then it is used as a power Symbol On Every Power Button.

Symbol On Every Power ButtonYou might have seen these power button too. Here we have to toggle between on and off, that’s why – there are different I and O. These type of buttons are mostly used in extension boards and machine and this symbol is there on each button.

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