11 Study Tips To Help You Survive Exams This Season

11 Study Tips That Will Help In Your Exams This Season

Since exam season merely is around the cubbyhole for many of us and actual learning hasn’t turn out to be an easy or the web world less distracting, Here I am sharing some study tips that can help you in your exams this season.

(1) Rewrite Your Notes

I know it’s nothing new but this primary thought will help you the utmost in your exams. We’re, at all times taught to write anything typical to learn it and it’s practical. Writing something helps you remember it better. Writing your content again will help you memorising it.

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(2) Highlight Important Points, Dates, Statements and Formulas

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(3) Make Your Schedule

So you are a ‘Rule Breaker’! Remember, When you make a schedule you give yourself deadlines, it not only helps you learn but adds to your development. Your schedule can help you a lot while it is about managing time for your studies and other works.

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(4) Install An App That Restricts You From Using Your Phone During Study Hours

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With a number of apps, email, and social accounts all at the tip of our fingers, we’re constantly distracted by our smartphoneDownload an app that can limit your phone usage.

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(5) Make A Checklist

The joy of checking an item off your To-Do list is fiercely satisfying. The checklist not solely serves as a reminder but additionally streamlines your aims.

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(6) Set Realistic Goals

Your goals need to be sensible, don’t set yourself up for failure by making it your objective to finish a year long syllabus in two days. Be practical, know your pace and make goals accordingly.

(7) Don’t Study For Hours Without Break 

The brain needs a recess in order to recall efficiently and increase productivity and no this is not an excuse to take hour long breaks…

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(8) Get Enough Sleep! 

One of the best things you can do in the exam season is to get sufficient sleep. Enough sleep will develop your concentration and memory and increase your essential considering expertise. A good night sleep will allow you to give your finest show in exams. On an average, your body needs 7-8 hours of sleep and it is extremely dangerous for you to not get that amount.

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(9) Don’t Forget To Eat (Eat Even More Than Your Usual Routine)

Okay, So why do we eat?

For Energy!

Yeah, and energy is what required for brain usage. Food can help you in getting the best out of your brain. Keep up your stock of dry fruits, snacks and all, ready for your exams.

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(10) Don’t Give Up 

It may be the worse but exams are exams.

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(11) Just Say ‘NO’

11 Study Tips That Will Help In Your Exams This Season

Say ‘no’ to all plans and parties when your priority is your exam. You will end up regretting wasting time no matter how much you enjoy it.

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Good Luck 😀