Smriti Irani Delivered A Stirring Speech In Loksabha


India is facing crucial internal tensions nowadays. The current Narendra Modi’s government is facing hard times. Opposition parties have attacked the Modi government and blamed the HRD minister Smriti Irani and her ministry for the death of Dalit Scholar Rohit Vemula on one hand while the government is facing challenges in sedition case of JNU students on the other hand.

After the heavy turmoil created by opposition, On Wednesday, HRD minister Smriti Irani delivered a stimulating speech in Lok Sabha about HCU student Rohith Vemula suicide case and JNU anti-national row. The minister attacked and accused Congress Vice-president Rahul Gandhi and other opposition leaders for using Rohit and JNU incident as a political tool to play a dirty game of politics.

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“My Name Is Smriti Irani, I Challenge You To Tell My Caste” – Smriti Irani

The speech of minister goes viral in few hours. While some people are considering this speech as a strong spank on the opposition, on the other hand, some have claimed lies in the speech.

Smriti Irani had mentioned in the Lok Sabha that the night Rohith Vemula committed suicide, she tried contacting Telangana Chief Minister, K Chandrasekhara Rao to enquire about the situation, but couldn’t reach him because she was told he was busy, reports Indian Express.

After this speech, Smriti has proved herself again and have kicked the dirty caste game of those who attempt to infuse religious, political agenda into the impressionable minds of the youth to have a cheap political profit. Here we have the complete speech for you:

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Meanwhile, A video is uploaded on facebook by Zikrullah Nisha(an Economics Ph.D. scholar), who is accusing HRD Minister Smriti Irani lying in the lower house of the Parliament. This Video Challenges Smriti Irani’s ‘Lies’ That No Doctor Saw Rohith’s Body Till Morning.