Kapil Sharma is a famous comedian known for his timing and sense of humour. His journey from Amritsar to Mumbai via The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, Comedy Circus, Comedy Nights With Kapil and his current The Kapil Sharma Showis a motivation in itself but what truly inspires his fans is the fact that Kapil is one of those very few successful people in B-Town, who don’t know English. Kapil has never felt substandard in public shows while accepting that he don’t know English but has always used it as a tool for his progress.

Kapil Sharma’s New Advertisement, encouraging the Hindi Language and its importance in India, is a topic of discussion nowadays. This advertisement is viral and many people are liking it but some are blaming its script and considering it as a badly written script.

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You must have seen the video of  Kapil Sharma’s New Advertisement but if not, here is the video (AngrezipantiKoAngootha)-

Kapil is actually giving a message that English or any language can not hinder your skills and if you have talent, you can achieve your goals. While the approach and the idea for the advertisement are quite good, Script of the advertisement is not so strong.

In this Advertisement, Kapil asks some questions to a boy who was lecturing a new artist saying “If You don’t know how to speak English then you can’t be an actor”. These questions make the boy understand that no one can stop you if you have Hunar(Talent).

Here We have those questions in this advertisement and the relevant explanation for the reason, why people are criticising the script.

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– Can You Use This Axe In English? (Iss Kulhadi Ko English Mein Chala Sakte Ho)

Scolding the same boy and indirectly explaining the importance of Hindi language to him, Kapil asks him If he can use the axe in English. Okay, how you can use the axe in Hindi or any other literature. How can one expect the use of anything like an axe in any language? Kapil… your idea of Endorsing Hindi is very much appreciated but how can you use such ineffective questions to prove it?

Dada… Have You Clicked Any Image In English? (Dada… Aapne Koi Tasveer Angreji Mein Kheechi hai kya)

Explaining the same, Kapil asks the director in the advertisement, if he has clicked any pic in English. Well, How can you click a photo in any language? and Kapil… can you click your photo in Hindi?

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You can actually guess the quality of a script where the writer is using these physical activities to explain the importance of a language.

Although, the video has collected a lot of applauses and praisings but it is really surprising that Kapil has ignored these factual mistakes in the script. It is also possible that he might not have noticed but we cannot expect mistakes like such from a man like Kapil Sharma himself!