Reliance Jio’s Free Services Will Continue Till June 30, Here Is The New Plan


Yes, Reliance Jio’s Free Services are not going to end on march 30.

As per the news reports, the upcoming Reliance Jio offer — which will kick in after the end of Happy New Offer at the end of March 2017 — will come with a new tariff plan. This plan has a nominal charge of about Rs 100 for data, with voice services continuing to remain free till the end of June 2017.


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Analysts and specialists are greeting this upcoming move from Reliance Jio, claiming it’ll help the Mukesh Ambani-led 4G VoLTE mobile operator to find out the gumminess of its customer base. Now, This will decide, if people are simply interested in hitching a free trip on its services or, are okay with paying some cash to proceed to have fun with Jio’s free services.

Further, to improve the user experience and services, Reliance Industries has decided to pump in Rs 30,000 crore into Jio for network expansion, in addition to the Rs 1,71,000 crore it has already invested in the 4G VoLTE cellular venture.

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