How To Recover Deleted Messages, Photos, Videos etc On Facebook

Recover deleted messages, photos, videos on facebook account

This can be helpful, if you are tensed with some important messages or photos that you have accidently deleted on facebook. Today I will tell you the method by which you can actually Recover Deleted Messages, photos, videos and other important data including events and apps on facebook.

Recover Deleted Messages


Furthermore, today I am going to assist you to get your all time data back right in your hands. This trick can help you to revive each and everything of yours on Facebook, which is bit long list. No programming or designing skill is needed and all you have to do is just to keep ready your laptop with internet connection.

Is It Possible?

First of all, there is no rocket science or illegal thing that is associated with the simple trick. You are only allowed to access your the content that is associated with your account. Now, does facebook keep a record of deleted messages and other important data?

The answer to this question is simply YES. Okay, I don’t want to jump into the debate of what facebook record and why facebook does so but actually the truth is Facebook Keep track of every message-even ones you don’t post.

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What Else You Can get?

Almost Everything. Yes, You can access almost everything of your account including your deleted messages, chats, events,  check-ins, ads clicked and Apps. From your very personal photos and videos to the pages you have liked and the ads you have clicked, you can have almost every minute detail of your account.

Here You can have a complete list of things that you can get after this.

Follow the Steps to Recover Deleted Messages, Photos, Videos and Much More:

(1) Just Login to your account and click the down arrow at the top right of your account. Click On Settings there.

(2) You will see an option to download the copy of your account’s information. Just Click on Download a Copy of your facebook data in General Settings.

Recover deleted messages, photos, videos on facebook account

(3) Just Click on Start My Archive.

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Facebook download your data

(4) You will receive a confirmation mail after few check-ins. It can also ask to re-enter your password. (You may or may not asked about this password)

Now you are all ready to recover deleted messages, photos, videos and other personal stuff. Now facebook will take some time in a make-up of your content. After a few minutes or hours of the confirmation mail, you will receive an email from facebook saying that your file is ready. All you have to do is to just download the .zip file and unzip it or extract its folders.
Click Here to Know How to unzip a zipped File.

After successful extraction of folders, You can access your files and folders which will look like this.

Recover Deleted Messages

You can see individual folders for photos and videos. Here, You will get all your photos and videos. You can also find the photos which you have deleted with one or the another reason. For messages, You have to click this HTML folder and you will see a list like this inside it.

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Facebook download your data

Here you can find an HTML file for your messages and other important activities. Just right click on the messages file and open it with chrome browser or any other browser you are using on your PC. You can also try it with Firefox or default Internet-Explorer.

Bonus Tip: You can find a chat or message very easily by just pressing Ctrl+F and entering the desired name or the message. Remember to be exact while typing.
For Example- If you want to search for a chat with your friend whose name is “Akash” then you can simply type “Akash” in the box and it will show the result.

While I was in want to recover deleted messages, photos, videos and some other things, the trick worked fine for me and I am sure that it will  work for you as well. Let me know if it works for you or else please let me know about the problem or difficulty you are facing in it.