You may wonder but being at home or any place other than your college, is a risky prospect for a Mass Communication and Journalism student. Yes, it’s true because it makes you unsafe to the piercing inquiries, all those Chachaji, Mamaji, Taiji and Special Padosi(s) have waiting for you.

If you are into media course, then you are subjected to these silly questions by your relatives and neighbours, and here I have a definitive list of it!

(1) …To Tum TV Me Aate Ho!!!

The most thick-witted and one of the most frequent questions ever asked to a mass comm. and journalism student.

For them, media and related studies is all about coming on TV. They are heedless to the fact that even if you are working in a television news channel, It is not confirmed that you will be shown up on TV.


Well, you can’t help them out. (And You already know the reason)

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(2) Syllabus Me Kya Hota Hoga?

One of my cousins is into engineering. When I had a visit to his house, he was preparing for his exam next day. He was happy seeing me after so long, and following a long conversation, he asked me, “Bhaiya, Mujhe Samajh Nahi Aata Ki Aap Logon Ke Syllabus Me Kya Hota Hoga?”

I had faced this question many times and not only I, but many of you might also have faced the similar feelers.

We are always compared with engineering and medical students. I know that engineering and medical studies are difficult but I swear, media rules and ethics, facing camera all the time, PTCs, script writing etc. are not easy either.

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(3) How Much Can You Earn After This Degree?

This question torments thousand times more than any other issue. Life of any media student is hard, but it gets a whole lot more complicated to face questions like this.

Though money is an ultimate goal of any job, most of us choose media because of our passion. But these relatives will never understand.

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(4) What You Exactly Do At Journalism?

The biggest problem with relatives is that no matter what you are doing they find it very hard to understand anything related to the word JOURNALISM!.

Them: “So, what do you do?”

Me: “I study Journalism.”

Them: “Okay, what is that? Like being a reporter?”

Me: “:-| :-|”


(5) Bollywood Stars Se Milna To Hota Hi Rahta Hoga?

Toh Shahrukh se mil liye?”

A question like this is obvious when all your relatives are moronic enough to expect you to know celebrities.

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(6) Inquiry About Free Passes/Tickets Every Now And Then, Even If You Have No Way Of Getting Them In The First Place.

Free Ka Maal Sabko Achchha Lagta Hai and this whole get the highest level of a fanatic while an Indian.

People suddenly think of you as their gateway into the world of glitz and glamour. Which obviously isn’t true most of the time.

(7) Why You Never Pick Our Calls?

No matter how good you are at mass communication, If you are unable to pick their calls, you are actually dumb.

Also, Just don’t try to make them understand about your busy schedule coz they won’t be getting it ever.

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(8) Par Hamare Rahul* Ka To Aisa Nahi Hota…?

So, you’re doing media studies? You can explain it to them a little bit but then comes the comparison.

Comparison to engineering… comparison to medical… comparison to this… Comparison to that and all.

*Chahe Kitna Bhi Bada Ch*tiya Ho Unka Rahul Tumse Hamesha Achchha Hi Rahega Kyunki Vo Unka Rahul Hai…

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(9) Is your Future Secure? What If…?

As they have a lot of misconception regarding the media studies, their continuous nod in worrying about your future makes you a little tauter.

There does come a point where the ‘what if’ comes… And you’re confused as to why is media studies still so underrated.

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If you’re planning to pursue Media Studies, know that these questions are bound to come your way but it will all be worth it in the end.

Feel Free to pursue your dreams.

Comment your views below…