Mayong – Land of Black Magic.


Morigaon is a small district in Assam. This district inhabits a small village “MAYONG – The village of Black Magic”. It lies on the bank of the river Brahmaputra, approximately 40 km from the city of Guwahati.



The original name may be based on the Sanskrit word “may”, according to Hindu and Buddhist religion which stand for the power by which the universe becomes manifest; the illusion or appearance of the phenomenal world.

Travelling History

It is said that centuries ago a king of Nepal brought magic to the Brahmaputra valley. He established a small kingdom there and  Raja Mayong was titled as its capital. Through the era of Ahom, this power of magic was furthered nurtured. It is believed that centuries ago here human beings were converted to animals and hypnotized tigers through chattering of mantras.

Evidence gesturing towards human sacrifice for the worship of their and power were found during excavation in the village of mayong, tools used for scarifying life here were same as various parts of the world.

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Name of the mysterious village can be traced in Mahabharata, where a king from the region took part in the battle showcasing the great magical power and destroying armies without the use of many weapons. It is said that the saints of black magic and the witches take shelter in the mayong forest till now. Many tales of men disappearing in this forest are narrated by locals in the village. People here believe if some enters forest  during the holy period of witches he never returns back to the village and neither is the dead body is found.



It is believed once king Aurangzeb ordered Raja Ram Singh, his general to suppress Ahom kingdom in mayong.Ram Singh was not afraid of an army of his enemies but he was scared of a mystical and land of black magic . Though he was lucky enough to survive but had face a defeat there. After than many rajas tried to invade Assam and one among them was the Sultan of Bengal, Ikhtiyaruddin Uzbek Tughril Khan , he never returned from the jung it is said he along with his entire army vanished somewhere.

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Mysterious Present

This village inhabits a peaceful environment and picturesque beauty is simply treat for eyes but it doesn’t feel normal , the air of this black magic land carries particles of fear and an unknown danger with itself.  It feels as if it is wrapped in some sort of mystery. Many tales of a man disappearing into thin air, or humans being turned into animals, but magic cannot fight against the odds of nature like floods, etc. Magic is still practiced in the village but not to the extent to which it used to be. Kobiraj (teacher) teaches the magic spells to children when they attain a certain defined age. Most of the magic spells are taught by the word of mouth and very few in a written form. Magic is also used to cure prolonged illness.

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Till date, there are lots of texts in Mayong that are untapped and contain rich information about magic. Most of the families at Mayong village also possess these texts that are inherited from their ancestors. Some of the families have preserved these but some have destroyed these texts merely out of fear that these might fall into the wrong hands. People do not reveal the art of magic to anyone and keep this as a secret.

Fear Files – Episode 183 – April 27, 2014

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There are many team both government and self interested group working in revealing story behind this magical village and its witchcraft. But not much has been discovered yet; the truth still awaits to be unleashed.

Mayong -The mystery unsolved.


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