Google is a blessing to the world of Internet, and at this stage of time, an internet user can not think of satisfaction without google.

Though I don’t have enough to praise Google up to that extent, I am going to present some of those less known features of Google that every Internet user should know.


These Important Google URLs will help you take a lot out of the search engine and an extra fun altogether.

(1) Your Ad Profile In Google

To make its user experience better, Google saves a lot of data by searches, results and activities. In the same drill, Google creates a user profile based on the sites you visit, your gender, age, interests, and then uses this information to serve you ads.

important google urls

You can access your ad profile by going to Google Ad Settings (Link-Below). You can manually add or remove your interests or topic and even choose to opt out ads personalization for the Google ads.

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(2) Google Knows About Your Travelling And Means Of Transportation

You might not know about it but your phone (even iPhone) is secretly sending all your locations to google servers, and google knows everything about your travelling. Not only just places but it has all info about your travelling velocity that how fast or slow you are moving, which further helps it to figure out your means of transportation

Using the link above, you can have all the details of places you have ever visited or passed by. Besides, you can export this data as a KML file which can be later viewed in google earth.

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(3) Google Account Without Gmail ID

Have You ever wondered why always Gmail is required to use Google Services? An answer- Obviously, because Gmail is its own product.

Google promotes having a Gmail account ( to use its services, but with this unique URL, you can use any other email address as your username. For Instance, If you have a yahoo mail id, you can use that for google services.

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(4) Find Your Phone Using Google

It’s a favourite feature of google and also, can not be missed while discussing some less known features or URLs of Google. This URL allows you to track your phone if you have google account connected to it.

Using the link above, you can locate your phone and even send a ring command (also works in silent mode) to it. Moreover, it allows you to delete your data, permanently lock your phone or even inform you carrier about it.

(5) Create Google Alerts

So what if I will say that google will notify you about anything you are interested in. Yes, you can hire google to monitor things on the internet.

Using this URL, you can keep an eye on anything of your concern. For example, If you are a fan of Akshay Kumar, You may want to read every new thing about him. Enter Google Alerts; the free online tool will let you track every new thing about Akshay.

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(6) URL Shortener

You may already know about this but if not let me introduce Google URL shortener as an important google URL in my list. Using this, you can simplify your web links and track every single click on it.

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(7) Get A List Of Apps Connected To Your Account

So, do you know about apps for which you’ve authorised access to your Google Account? No? This link will help you.

Using this Google URL, you can access the sites and applications to which you’ve granted permission to access your Google Account, and you can see on this list to what parts of your account they have access.

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(8) Export All Of Your Data Out Of Google

In case you think you can’t live without google because google has all your important photos, videos, emails, app data and other

With this URL, You can easily export all your data out of the Google ecosystem. You can download your Google Photos, contacts, Gmail messages, YouTube videos and anything related to google.

(9) What’s Running Around The World

Google Trends is a promising tool for In-staff reporters and curators. This tool from the search giant shows data about how heavily a topic is being Googled and the material that is running around the world.

Practicing the link above, you can access the trending themes and tales across the world. You can also filter these topics by time, category and location to further know that what is trending at what point and at what location.

(10) Learn And Develop With Google

Are you a programmer? If yes then you will find this Google URL very useful.

Using the link above you can play, contribute and join some like-minded people with an equal enthusiasm for developing something unique.

(11) Google After Your Death (Inactive Account Manager)

I have already discussed that what happens to your Facebook account after your death.

What happens after you’re gone is important for the people you leave behind and Google respects it.

Using the hyperlink, you can access your Inactive account manager and make a plan for your Google Account if you pass away or stop using Google. Among the number of options, you can decide about what to do if you are surprisingly unable to use your account, such as in the event of an accident or death.

11 Important URLs That Every Google User Should Know
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