I Am My Father’s Proud daughter


I always shared a beautiful relationship with my father, his love is eternal, he is selfless like beautiful nature, a soft-hearted man full of emotions, he is my “POPI” and I am his “ladoo” .

When I look back through glasses of time, I try hard to go far back into my childhood and the first thing which appears on curtains of mind and walk straight to the bottom of my heart is my father. I can see a small girl sleeping on a tall , huge man with both her legs on either side of his chest and her small fingers went round his father’s hand as if she was trying to claim her right on her father by occupying him fully and not letting him move even an inch . He tenderly picked her up in his arms and went straight to basin made her brush followed by a warm bath and dressed her for her school. He fed me food with his own hands trying to make me eat every healthy veg saying he makes it tasty and as a little girl I trusted him blindly , I used to felt a change in the taste of food when he used to feed.

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Childhood passed giving me numerous beautiful memories and several stories to cherish as I became older and older his love seemed to grow with me. He taught me vital lessons in life. He did an amazing parenting he never actually stopped me but still protected me in an unknown but beautiful manner, seeing him is a treat to eyes, I can always see that love in his eyes, his thoughts make me cry in happiness. He is the best person I ever met in life; a smile on my face makes him forget his entire struggle of the day. I am earning of his life he says with a bright face and an amazing shine in his eyes.

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People say I look like him, I am my Father’s Proud daughter .


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