Yes, because of these predictions thousands of girls and their respect and dignity is questioned every day. Can A Guy Tell If A Girl Is Virgin?

can a guy tell if a girl is virgin


Do you think that a person who is having a completely different system will tell you whether you are a virgin or not? and that too just by looking? Apart from this… DOES A GIRL ALWAYS BLEED IF IT’S HER FIRST TIME? Although, Someone else’s virginity is not worth worrying about and there are so many better things to think about. But since people have some misconceptions, Here we have some myths and facts to rule over.

(1) A Non-Virgin Walks With Her Legs Wide Apart

Reality A useless and the most believed myth… How a girl walks is determined by her physical build – how wide her hip bones are or how fat her thighs are. It’s also determined by her stride. This has nothing whatsoever to do with her virginity and it is scientifically proven that you can not predict whether a girl is virgin or not, just by looking at her walking style.

(2) Her Breasts Become Larger After She Loses Her Virginity

Reality Just like a guy obtains his erection through a rush of blood to his penis, a girl’s breasts could also swell when aroused. But this subsides. It is stupid and childish to believe that those with ample chests are all non-virgins. As in the case of height, weight and hair, Breasts are the very part of the hormonal change and size can varies moving from person to person. You can not decide if a girl is virgin on the basis of the size of her breasts.

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(3) A Girls’ Fully-Rounded Back Suddenly Flattens After She Has Sex

Reality– If this were true, then there wouldn’t be many of us walking around with nice, round, fully rear ends! It is impossible to lose the elasticity in your backside muscles simply through intercourse.

(4) A Girl Who Has Done It Before Has “A Certain Kind Of Look” On Her Face

Reality- This is what many guys would say, and it is pure nonsense. Common sense tells you that there is no such thing as the virgin or non-virgin look! The point itself made a lot of confusion before deciding that a girl is virgin or not.

(5) A Virgin’s Breasts Point Upwards

Reality- Again it is just a physical quality. Dr Geeta of AIIMS Delhi has condemned this statement. According to her, Size and Others measures of a girl’s breasts can’t decide if the girl is virgin or not. Breasts are included in the fashion statements of girls and various therapies and pills are often used by girls to have them as per they want. This is completely idiotic comment that If a girl’s breast point upwards then she is not a virgin.

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(6) Hair Between The Eyebrows Is Gone After One Loses Her Virginity

Reality- This is one of the more bizarre stories. Hair between the eyebrows has nothing to do with virginity. If you happen to spot some hair between a girl’s eyebrow which had never been there previously. it’s simply because she has forgotten to pluck her eyebrows during the past few days!


It is one of the most asked questions on different websites. Let me explain to you a little more about the hymen first. It is a layer of skin around the opening of the vagina. It usually doesn’t cover up the entrance completely.

And you don’t have to ‘break through’ it the first time you have sex, just gently push through so the opening in the thin skin stretches wide enough. It can also be stretched or torn by playing sports or using tampons.

Don’t mind me saying but it is people like you who are boosting the doctors’ ‘restoring’ hymens and ‘creating’ virginity business. They are just fortifying a myth and playing with your minds. Waste of time, money and emotions, I say.

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Meri mano toh, don’t even expect every girl to bleed at first intercourse. Just like you’re not expected to stay hard the entire night! Lack of blood doesn’t mean she’s done it before. Just that her hymen is very stretchy. And you have been nice and gentle!

Don’t complicate your relationship (and compromise sexual pleasure) by over-analyzing this issue. Enjoy what you have and use all that energy in pursuit of love and pleasure.

If you still have doubts, maybe the two of you should talk things through. But I doubt if this talk will have a good ending, leave alone a happy one. You’ve been warned. Seriously my boy, does virginity really matter?


 It is her body and she can do whatever she wants to. Also, you can never tell if a girl is virgin just by watching or looking at her because it is not possible.

Let us know if you have any problem with the above-mentioned points. The Comment box below is all open for your take on the topic and the facts above.