Grammarly Extension: A Must Have Extension For Bloggers

grammarly extension

The problem which I face the most, being A blogger is the idea of new posts. But, Why I am writing a post specifically on Grammarly extension is an answer in itself to the question that how useful it is for me.

Few days before, I had written a post about Benefits Of Having A Blogger Boyfriend. A blogger boyfriend or girlfriend is somewhere easy to find rather than being a blogger.


A successful blogger is always backed by some plugins and extensions. And an extension like Grammarly is a backbone for bloggers like me. I have listed some useful Chrome Extensions for Bloggers as well. Now let me tell you about Grammarly Extension.

What Is Grammarly?

English is not an easy language to master. It is weird and wonderful how with the permutation and combinations of 26 alphabets; The English language has been able to weave absolute magic. If you are a blogger or even an ordinary person, then you’ve probably had commas and misspelled words that you anyhow ignored during your proofreading process.

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Grammarly Chrome extension is a boon for bloggers as it allows an advanced, full-featured grammar and spell Checks and integrates with almost anything you write online.

(1) Spell Check

The spelling mistake is one of the biggest problems even for those who have mastered the language. Grammarly Extension allows you to correct your spellings with suggestions according to your phrase.

You can just hover over the underlined text to correct it, and it’s a great way.

(2) Synonyms For The Words

Don’t want to use a particular word in the sentence? Okay, No problem double click the word and you will see a plenty of suggestions for the name.

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(3) Punctuations

Grammarly also checks for incorrect use of punctuation in your write-ups. It allows you to find the incorrect use of commas, spaces, stops, etc. to just improve the quality of your writing.


In addition to this, Grammarly Extension also checks for repetition, incorrect use of modifiers, inaccurate or missing capitalization, passive voice and other complex grammar enrichments to polish up your writing.

In the paid version you can have the Grammarly plugin for Microsoft Office, so you can use it in Word. You can have much more freedom in its paid version but before that just give a try to the free one.

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Also, It allows to earn money or to monetize your website through its affiliate program. I will be coming up with the complete guide to its affiliate program and will tell you about my first $25 earning with Grammarly for doing nothing.

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