Facts Over Funny Myths Every “RAJASTHANI” Experience In Life !


“Do you travel on camels there?”

Two men on camelback in desert, Jaiselmer, India 546003

NO! a big no. Rajasthan has well built functioning roads, cars in most of the urban houses and even nowadays rural houses. We do not use Camels to travel, please!!!


Even many of Rajasthan people haven’t seen a camel in their whole lifespan.



No not all of us are Marwadi for god sake! Rajasthan is one of the biggest states of our country and thus has great diversities. Everyone who belongs to Rajasthan is not a “Marwari”. Marwaris are Indian ethnic group of traders whose origin is from Marwar region. The Marwar region includes Barmer, Jalore, Lakshman Nagar, Nagore, Jodhpur, and Pali. If someone has an origin from above-mentioned districts then he can be addressed as Marwadi.

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“U have A house in Desert! That so cool!”


Even if it was the truth, it would have been HOT. Deserts are not cool by the way.

You cannot expect every Rajasthani to have seen the desert. People generally assumes that the desert which is shown in the movies would definitely be seen by every Rajasthani but the fact is very few Rajasthanis have seen the desert as the desert is mainly in the districts of Badmer, Jaisalmer, and Bikaner so due to large geography of the state these places are very far for the people to reach obviously people living nearby only would have seen it.

“Just speak something in Rajasthani or sing a Rajasthani song”

Please note Rajasthani language is generally synonym of Marwari language but this language is not spoken in whole Rajasthan, there are other regional languages spoken in other parts like Mewari in Mewar, Bagdi in Bagad etc and the languages differ with each other.

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 “All Rajasthanis can’t speak Rajasthani

Situation faced most of the times when your friends demand Rajasthani song

And most of the times either the demands are denied or you end up saying

” Khamma Ghani Hokam!”

We ourselves have learned from the television itself :D!

Yes, It Does Rain AS WELL!

Nope, we don’t fear drought all the times.

I am Rajasthani and I am not from Royal Family!


Not all Rajasthani are Rajputs and belong to the royal family. Most of its population is middle class as in other states.

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Hill Station


Yess! Rajasthan too has a hill station and after looking down from there, you would get to see greenery too not sand dunes. The place is “Mount Abu” do visit it


Balika_VadhuPeople in most of Rajasthan wear normal jeans and pants like all other states. Our cultural clothing is very rare seen in festivals or “melas”.
Being a Rajasthani I myself don’t have to reach the daily soaps (Balika Vadhu) to get a glimpse of our clothing.



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