Here’s What Happens to Your Facebook Account After You Die


Have you ever wondered that what happens to your Facebook account after your death?

Okay, You may not be aware of this but Facebook provides different choices to let you choose what to do with your Facebook account, in case you die.


A few years back, Facebook profiles of the deceased could only be “memorialized,” deleted or left unchanged after friends or family reported the deaths. but now facebook allows you to pick a “Legacy Contact” which will be given the permission to change the profile and the cover pic of deceased’s account.


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What Is A Legacy Contact On Facebook And What He/She Can Do?

A legacy contact is somebody you prefer to look after your account if it’s memorialized. Once your account is memorialized, the person is given permission related to your account. Here is what, A Legacy Contact Can Do and Can Not Do…


  • Write a pinned post that can include your final words or message on your behalf.
  • Respond to new friend requests
  • Update your profile picture and cover photo


  • Log into your account
  • Remove any of your friends that are already on your list
  • Read your messages or reply to your previous messages

Also, you can select if you require your legacy contacts to download your account info that includes your photos, posts, and other stuff.

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So, You can choose a friend as your legacy contact without caring about your personal data because he/she can not read your messages.


How To Select A Legacy Contact On Facebook?

Selecting a legacy contact is easy and here is how you can do it.

  • Log in to your facebook account and select Settings from the top-right drop-down.

  • Select Security and click Edit on Legacy Contact.

  • Select any of your Friend from your list.

  • Select the option of Account Deletion if you don’t want to select your legacy contact.

  • After your successful selection, you can let your friend acknowledge that he/she is your legacy contact.

and that’s it.

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What Happens to Your Facebook Account After You Die
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What Happens to Your Facebook Account After You Die
Have you ever wondered that what happens to your Facebook account after your death?
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