Drinking More Coffee Leads To A Longer Life, New Study Says


We are not sure If it could be another reason to grab extra sips of coffee but Higher in-taking of coffee could lead to a longer life, according to two new studies.

According to One of these studies where more than 520,000 people were surveyed, sipping more coffee could significantly lower a person’s risk of dying while the another one surveying over 185,000 people claims that coffee increases longevity across various races.


“Given very diverse populations, all these people have different lifestyles. They have very different dietary habits and different susceptibilities — and we still find similar patterns,” Setiawan said. Additionally, it reveals that there’s a stronger organic possibility for the relationship between coffee and life and found that fatality was inversely related to the coffee consumption for heart disease, most cancers, respiratory illness, diabetes and kidney disease.

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“Moderate coffee consumption can be incorporated into a healthy diet and lifestyle,” Setiawan said. “This studies and the previous studies suggest that for a majority of people, there’s no long-term harm from drinking coffee.”