Telegram is one of the best encrypted messaging apps that are used worldwide. In February 2016, the company declared that it had 100 million monthly active users. Though it is still way behind WhatsApp and some others in the market, one cannot question the reputation of the cloud-based instant messaging service.

If you are the one who loves using telegram or planning to download it on your device, these new Telegram Messenger app tricks will help to get the apex out of the app.

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(1) Reply Directly From Home-Screen

If you are a time savvy and believes that opening the app and responding to a particular text consumes a lot of your day, Pop-Up Notification can help you save those extra seconds. To activate this, you can go to Settings-> Notifications, and Sounds-> Popup Notifications and set it to ‘always show popup’ or to any other as per your ease and you are done.

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(2) Set Username And Let People Find You With It

Tired of the concept of phone numbers? Let’s try Username!

username feature in Telegram Messenger App TricksTelegram has both phone number and username to help you connect with friends and family. If you have a unique name or identity, you can set it to your username, and people can find you easily. You can set your username under Settings> Username.

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(3) Lock Your Chats

In contrast to WhatsApp and Facebook, Telegram gives you an extra level of security by setting a passcode for your chats. You can secure your conversations without using any third party app. It will automatically lock your chats if you are away for a particular amount of time. You can also manually close your conversations by tapping the lock button on the main screen of the app. To enable this feature, go to Telegram’s Settings-> Privacy and Security-> Passcode Lock and set a clear one for you.

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(4) Hide Your Last Seen From Exceptional Contacts

Even WhatsApp allows its users to hide their last seen but the difference in Telegram’s case is its freakish speciality of hiding last seen from a particular contact or contacts. Here, you can obstruct some of your specific contacts from seeing your last seen. To give it a try, just follow Settings->Privacy and Security->Last Seen

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(5) Add Masks To Your Photos And Let Photo Sharing Be Extra Fun

Besides the obvious ones such as Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp, Telegram serves up photo-in-photo effects which are usually called as masks. You can quickly add masks to your photos to add an extra level of expression to it. Telegram won’t take you long to figure out the whole feature. You can snap a photo there and then, open it with the inbuilt photo editor and try from some masks available.

Further, you can add extra masks to your account by going to Settings> Stickers> Masks. 

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And some more Cool Telegram Messenger App Tricks are waiting for you on the next page