12 College Life Hacks To Make Your Student Life Smarter


Your Teacher or the Lecturer will never discuss these clever hacks with you. This is the time to acquire some college life skills you won’t get in your classroom. You might have to get creative if you want to show yourself different. Here we have some College Life Hacks To Make Your Student Life A Bit Easier and Smarter. These simple and easy tips will help you in Doing your daily work effortlessly and effectively. You can try These daily hacks in your life to have some extra fun and smartness.




College Life Hacks To Make Your Student Life A-Bit Easier And Smarter

(1) Instead of the Meaning, Search For Synonyms for Complex Word

Search For Synonyms Instead of the Meaning will help you understanding a Complex Word

Sometimes it happens. When you are encountered with a confusing word and the problem increases when you search for the meaning that is more typical. You should always find a synonym instead of the sense of any word and it will help you.

(2) Putting your Phone into a Glass will Amplify the Sound

Putting your Phone into a Glass college life hacks

If you are a heavy sleeper or if you don’t have a speaker or Amplifier to amplify the sound then you can use this. Yes, putting your mobile phone into a glass will amplify its sound. Try It Now.

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(3) Text and Colour for Your Presentation


Always use “meme font” for presentations that means the font that is commonly used for funny Internet memes. Do you know the reason behind this?
These fonts are always written in white text with the black outline that is always visible in any colour. This will enhance your portrayal’s readability and hence the quality.

(4) Take notes using different coloured Pens


Most prominent one of these “college life hacks” for the college going students. Using Coloured Pens will fire up your visual memory. It also looks attractive and makes taking notes more enjoyable. You will enjoy reading your notes afterwards.

(5) Shoes Smell Bad?

college life hacks1

Funky feet and smelly shoes can lead to irritation, discomfort, and can prove to be an enormous social hurdle that can separate you from your friends. A Dry sheet can help you get rid out of this. You can put a Couple dryer sheets under your sole for an incredibly efficient shoe deodorizer.

(6) Earn Money While Shopping

Earn Money

No doubt that everyone wants money and there is no magic trick or tip still invented to have unlimited money. Now, You can collect money while you are shopping for something. Now let me explain to you how it works. Read it here Earn Money For Shopping Online

(7) Want to get Rid Of Bags under your Eyes


Get a Raw potato, Wash it and peel it. Cut Two slices off and place directly under your eyes. Nw relax for few minutes.

(8) Use Free trials without having a Credit Card

college life hacks

Don’t have a credit card? No problem you can now create virtual prepaid card directly from online banking site of your bank and use free trials. Also, you can create an Entropay card with the minimum balance and use these services. Almost all banks allow prepaid visa cards for their customers.

(9) Hang a wet towel over an open window to cool down a stuffy dorm room

wet towel

When it is hot outside, Just hang a wet towel over an open window and this will help you to cool down your room.

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(10) Trouble in Falling Asleep?

college life hacks

4-7-8 Technique is a very successful and practical technique for this. 4 seconds inhale, 7 seconds hold and 8 seconds exhale can really help in falling asleep.

(11) 20 Powerful Words to use In your CV/Resume
20 college life hacks

(12) Leaving Few pages before taking notes for a table of contents Can help you


We will be back with some more college life hacks. Please let us know if you have any…