An Awful Hell Awaits These Women During Menstruation


Women During Menstruation in Chaupdi Pratha

I am a boy and the only thing I know about Menstruation is that it is a scourge for girls and women in our society. Although, It is a natural process but is a curse for females in our culture. Not only in Hindus, but women during Menstruation are considered as desecrated in most of the religions. Despite all internal problems faced by them (including acne, tender breasts, bloating and pain, etc.), females are discriminated and even tortured in the outer world during their periods.


We all know about the pain of Indian Women, but conditions are even worst in our neighbouring country Nepal. ‘Chaupdi Pratha’ of Simikot in Nepal is an example of these inhuman behaviours faced by women during Menstruation.

Rules For Women During Menstruation in Chaupdi Pratha

Women During Menstruation in Chaupdi Pratha

As like in India, Women are not allowed in temples and other holy places during their periods. They are not even permitted to take part in any social function. These women are not obliged to touch the food, even the one which belongs to the animals.

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Females here, are separated from the society and are forced to work in the forest. No one is allowed to touch them during this period.

Homeless During the Time

Women During Menstruation in Chaupdi Pratha

The average annual temperature of Simikot is 10.1 °C. Here, mountains are always covered with snow. Women during menstruation are not permitted to live in their homes but are forced to live at the place for pet animals.

Women During Menstruation in Chaupdi Pratha 1

Aways from the house, a small hut that looks like a chicken coop is provided for them to live in. During this time, The dirty and smelly site is the only place for these women. No matter she is a 14 years old girl or a 30 years old women, she has to spend her time in this shitty place only.


Women During Menstruation in Chaupdi Pratha 2

The Practise is AS-IT-IS For Mother and Newly-Born baby

Women During Menstruation in Chaupdi Pratha

Not only for women during menstruation, but this rule is also applied to pregnant females and the mother of a newly-born child.  Even if the child is born in a hospital, the mother has to spend her time in that chicken coop after that.

Time Duration Depends on the Sex of the Baby

In the case of a male child, you don’t have to spend too long in that coop because boys are lucky for their families but if there is a girl child, mother and child have to be there for the entire month. This is also very shocking that 2-3 mothers die every year because of the negative atmosphere and poisonous air in these coops.

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Matter of Insecurity

Women During Menstruation in Chaupdi Pratha

These places are not at all secure for these girls and women. These Girls are raped during this period and Often face death because of snake bite and wild animals there. 

This Pratha was banned by the nepal government in 2005 but still some parts of Nepal are practising this stipulation where An Awful Hell Awaits These Women During Menstruation.