Nowadays, Bollywood is riding high on biopics where every next movie is getting up close and personal with personalities of the country. This time, It is about our Prime Minister Narendra Modi and we are sure that he will rock again.

Babu Bhaiyaa aka Paresh Rawal was recently asked for a confirmation about the biopic of PM Modi. He was approached through Twitter about the same. It was confirmed when he was asked about his involvement in PM Modi’s biopic and replied “yes”.


But, a question that is still running behind his fans is…

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What Will Be The Role Of Paresh Rawal In Narendra Modi’s Biopic?

While it was confirmed that he will be the very part of the film, “His Role” was still a question.


The stories were there in the year 2014 when Paresh Rawal confirmed 99% that he’ll play the role of Narendra Modi.

The actor was quoted in Indian Express

“I am confident about the film and no one else can play Narendra Modi other than me. He is in a different league altogether and I am more than excited to play the role. I am not allowed to talk much about the film but, yes, I will start shooting soon for this film.”

It is 99% confirmed that he will be seen performing Narendra Modi on screen.

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Do you look forward to Narendra Modi’s biopic?



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