You Will Be Shocked After Knowing The Actual Cost Of An Iphone 7


As every next iPhone lover was excited about it, the launch of iPhone 7 impressed thousands of people across the globe and it will continue to do so for a long time. It is not surprising at all as the phone is having some exciting features to facilitate people. But Today, We are going to share the actual manufacturing cost of an iPhone 7 and many of you will be shocked after knowing it for sure.


According to a report by HIS Markit Ltd., Apple Inc is spending more to manufacture iPhone 7 than it did for the iPhone 6S. But it’s the buyers who are having to pay for it.

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The total cost to assemble an iPhone has increased to $224.80 (approx Rs 15,000), $36.89 higher than the iPhone 6S. The price of the phone on sale, however, is Rs 60,000! That’s nearly four times higher!

“Phone 7’s Bill Of Materials (BOM), a financial estimate of the raw materials used, was “in line” with flagship smartphones made by rival Samsung Electronics but Apple ekes out better margins,” said Andrew Rassweiler, senior director of cost benchmarking services at IHS Markit.

The details further reported that though Apple acquires all the raw material at the same cost as Samsung does, it is somehow better at fetching marginal benefits.

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The study is yet to perform a teardown analysis on the larger iPhone 7.