WhatsApp’s Latest Beta Release Includes BOLD And ITALIC Messages


After a successful release of File transfer feature, Whatsapp is now planning to include text formatting in messages. WhatsApp’s latest beta release features some basic text formatting options including Bold and Italics.

With the new update, users can now type text within messages in bold and italics. A feature that can be used while highlighting relevant parts of a text. Whatsapp has already added various useful functions like WhatsApp document file sharing option and  Google Drive cloud backup.


To use this Whatsapp's Latest Beta Release

Much like other apps that support formatting text, to put a text in italics, users will have to add an underscore (_) sign at the beginning and end of a sentence while adding an asterisk (*) in the same way, will highlight a sentence or word in bold. When you receive messages from someone with the latest version, their name will be bolded in the notifications shade too and the formatting of the message will also show up.

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Whatsapp is also planning to add some more formatting options for users.

To use this Whatsapp’s Latest Beta Release as a beta tester you can just click here and then update your WhatsApp version in the Play Store to try out the new changes.

let us know about other formatting options you would like to see in WhatsApp.