WhatsApp Rolled Out Its ‘Status’ Feature And People Are Not Liking It At All For These Reasons


Whatsapp is one of the most loved messaging apps among users and it seems like WhatsApp developers are not liking it.

In the recent update, Whatsapp has rolled out its much-talked-about ‘Status update feature which is exactly similar to Snapchat’s stories and people are losing their cool after the ridiculous update.


Here are some of those many reasons that make the new update dull…

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– No Place For Your Text updates

Yes, after the new update, You can not write your text simply as your status. You have to upload a photo, video, or GIF to say something.

– Your Good Old Status Updates Have Just Disappeared

Where’s my good old status updates? Well, that’s the query everyone has on their minds. WhatsApp has eliminated the previous status update feature that people used with their profile picture. The app after the update no more shows the previous status. As a substitute now you can only see your username and the phone number.

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– Status Will Last For 24 Hours Only

Now, WhatApp won’t let you keep the status for more than 24 hours. In simple words, you have to post updates every morning if you are out of the town and don’t want anyone to disturb you.

– Whatsapp Is Not Only A Messaging App Now.

Until now, WhatsApp has remained true to its heritage as a messaging application. WhatsApp was adored for being a messaging app only but today it looks more or less similar to the other photo-sharing apps likes Instagram or Snapchat.

So why do we need it?

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– We Miss The Old One…

What do you think about this new update of WhatsApp?