7 Weird Superstitions Students Follow Before Their Exams


We all know that considering that something else than proper preparation, decides your fate in exams is illogical. But still we follow our beliefs and logic(s) to obtain good marks. Whatever the cultural differences, all students have their own rituals and superstitions, whether it is playing a lucky song, eating a particular food or even wearing a pair of lucky shoes. Yes, Superstitions sometimes have logic behind them but following some customs just to get marks is a different entity in itself. Here I am listing Wackiest Superstitions Students Follow before their exams.

Weird Superstitions Students Follow Before Exams

(1) Lucky Stationary Items

Weird Superstitions Students Follow Before Exams


This one was personally followed by me in my childhood. No matter how old my cello pen used to be, but I would be using the same pen because it was lucky for me. It happens to most of us. One of my friend, who was the topper of the class said that she carried the same brand to the exam hall for 7 years. People use same stationary items in their exams to have better performance.

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(2) Specific Food

Weird Superstitions Students Follow Before Exams

The fact that people prefer some particular foods and sometimes live without foods during exams. In India, Curd is considered as the good luck dish; similarly Japanese students would eat Katsudon before or on the day of an exam, including a warm bowl of rice topped with egg and a deep-fried pork cutlet.

(3) Devotion To God

Hanuman garhi ramayan actually existed

Another Weird Superstitions Students Follow Before Exams is that Students who do not worship throughout the year turns to be a passionate devotee of God in exams. According to a survey 8 out of 10 students follow this in exams. Praying God is not a crime, but (ironically) Praying God in your exams only is selfishness. Well, If you are going through your exams then here I have something for you.

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(4) Same Hair Style

Weird Superstitions Students Follow Before Exams

In South Korea, it’s thought that washing your hair could wash all the knowledge out. Similarly, a particular hairstyle in boys(mainly) is considered as a lucky tool in exams. People avoid haircuts during exams.

(5) Same Dress Code

Weird Superstitions Students Follow Before Exams

Red is widely believed to be a lucky colour in China. So many believe that it’s a good idea to wear some red clothing, or more pointedly red underwear, during an exam.
Also, in North-East India people have the same belief. People in India prefer the same dress code on alternate exams and specific days.

Also, A student believes in using the same hanky for all exams even if it was crying for a wash. The hanky should also be of his/her lucky colour and should be kept in the right pocket.

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(6) Veg vs Non-Veg

Weird Superstitions Students Follow Before Exams2

Preference of Veg food and Non-Veg food changes person to person and according to the respective religion. People prefer a veg food during exams as a thought that hurting an animal can result in their bad luck. Another thought that eating chicken actually helps in boosting the ability also exists.

(7) Whom You See First in the Morning

Weird Superstitions Students Follow Before Exams

One student would get up every morning and the first thing he would do was look at himself in the mirror for the exam day to be auspicious! Now, if the exam goes bad, he can’t say: “Subah subah kiska mooh dekh liya!”. A very strong superstition followed during exam days is that who is lucky for you. You must see the very person because of whose face you got a good luck.