11 Ways To Make Your GF Happy When She Is Angry


Humour has a very important place in relationships. Even when both of you don’t have anything to talk about, a few funny lines or gestures can make the whole day feel like such a fun activity. This can make her forget the things and here “Hansi To Phansi” works.

(9) Be With Her And Give Her Time


One of the best ways to make your GF happy is to be with her. Make your girlfriend feel like she’s the centre of your world all the time, and especially so when she’s with you. Don’t give her an ideal time to think something that is not good for your relation. “Khali Dimag Shaitan Ka Ghar”. Follow 1,2,3(above-mentioned points) while with her.

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(10) Call Her Unexpectedly And Sweet Talk Her


Love shouldn’t always be predictable, especially when it’s a happy surprise. Call her up when she least expects your call and remind her about how much you miss holding her in your hands right at that moment. In love, if it’s a happy feeling, share it. It makes all the difference between a happy romance and a bored one. Meanwhile, it helps you in recalling the best moments of your relation.

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(11) Promise Her


At last, when above mentioned things are working, promise her to be with her and her happiness. Nothing feels more special to a girl than to know that her boyfriend is a man of his word. It makes her feel more secure, and most importantly, it makes her feel happy to be in love with you.

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Every Girl is Unique and Special and it is your duty to make her Happy while in relation. The above-mentioned points can’t guarantee but these 11 Ways To Make Your GF Happy can help you much in solving the consequences of your fights and arguments.

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