This Is The Truth Of That Viral Message On Indian Railway


Indian Railways Network is one of the largest networks of the world and is the pride of India. Near 2 Crore people in more than 19,000 Trains travel daily in India. You must have travelled in train and therefore, the news is important for you as well.

Viral Message On Indian Railway

viral message on indian railwayvia-ABPNEWS


A message is getting viral on social media nowadays. The message is a long message and claiming 7 different changes that are going to implement from 1st July(according to the message). Let’s deal these points and related facts of this viral message on Indian Railway

–Waiting List Of Reservations

The message is declaring that there will be no waiting list from 1st of July and passengers will be given confirmed ticket for all reservations. But it is a false statement. There is no such rule and nothing is going to change from 1st July.

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— Rules Of Tatkal

The second claim in the row is about the shifts in the tatkal ticketing system. The message says the already implemented control of booking AC Coach tickets from 10 to 11 am and Sleeper Coach Ticket Booking 11 to 12.

— Paperless Tickets In Rajdhani Train 

The third declaration in this viral message on social media about Indian railways is an already implemented rule as well. The message is talking about paperless tickets in Rajdhani train and it is an already performed standard.

— Number Of Coaches In Rajdhani And Shatabdi

Although this one is the most needed one, but it is not true. The message claims that the number of coaches in Shatabdi and Rajdhani Trains will be increased from 1st July.

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— Claims About ATAS and Duplicate Trains

Again, the services like ATAS- Alternative Train Adjustment System and Duplicate Train plan are already in force. There is nothing new in this.

— Another Train Like Shatabdi Train

Like all other claims in this viral message on Indian Railway, The claim of facilities of new trains as like of Shatabdi are already in use.

— No Premium Train From July

And the last one and the worst one. According to this message, Indian railway is going to stop all the premium trains from July onwards. This claim is again a lie.

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As per the ABP News report, Rail Ministry’s PRO Anil Mishra have confirmed that these all are fake claims.