The RaGa Saga


Question-What happens when Rahul Gandhi doesn’t get the reaction he expects?
Answer- He tries again. And again. And fails. Again. And again.



When the Vice President of Congress, Rahul Gandhi(RaGa) went to address the students of Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru, the script did not work and he ended up being shoddily trolled.
RaGa starts “I hear talk about ‘Clean your Country’, I mean, are we serious? Clean your country is a National Government Programme.” (Indistinct shouts of protests heard)
“It’s not working, is it?” continues RaGa. (Cries of ‘yes!’ heard)
“I don’t see it working!” RaGa says shrugging. (Loud shouts of protest)
“You see it working?!” (Loud cries of “yes!” in unison)
“Okay, I don’t see Swach Bharat working very well” he says smiling. (Distinct shouts of “yes!” and “I don’t agree”. Loud expressions of disagreement with his statement carry on)
RaGa looks flabbergasted, trying to pull the last straws.
“Ok” he says, “Do you think ‘Make In India’ is working?” (This time it backfired even more loudly. A chorus of “yes!” filled the auditorium).
“You think so?! Do you think youngsters in India are getting jobs?” (Some shouts of “no” and a major chorus of “yes” is heard)
Yet he continues “So…Swach Bharat isn’t working, Make in India isn’t working….” (His voice is drowned in loud protests of “Nooo!”) He then finally tries to switch tracks by “Anyway…”
After this became public, Twitterati decided to lash back at him. #RahulStumpted trended. Here are some of the choicest tweets:
 A 1000 years ago, Aryabhatta invented ZERO About 50 yrs ago, Sonia Gandhi reinvented it 😉 #RahulStumped
 When I saw #RahulStumped on twitter trends I thought Dravid was brought back into the test side
 #RahulStumped This happens when you memorize a speech without realizing that audience isn’t a paid one but a well talented bunch of students
 Shri Sanjay Jha ji &Aiyar ji must be very angry abt #RahulStumped .For it’s their right to respond ‘Yes’ everytime Rahul ji say/asks smthing
 Rahul Gandhi should stop asking questions, it seems. In fact, what people expect from Congress is answers, not questions #RahulStumped
 Rahul : Do you think I watch Pogo? Students : Yes! R : Do you think Chota Bheem is my fav? S : Yes! Rahul :No! Its Donald Duck #RahulStumped
 @OfficeOfRG #mountcarmelcollege Lol Massive embarrassment for Rahul. Young girls IQ and logic better than RG #rahulstumped


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