The First Episode Of The Kapil Sharma Show Was More Than Just The First Episode

The First Episode Of The Kapil Sharma Show

The First episode of The Kapil Sharma Show was a mega start in Delhi. The show managed thousand of people who were just mad for Kapil Sharma and his show. While haters have tried their best to flop The show, Kapil proved that still he is the best.

On the very first day, The Kapil Sharma Show has faced a tough TRP competition as other entertainment channels were telecasting different-different reality shows at the same time. Although TRP of the show is still awaited but as per the media reports and social media trends, Kapil was successful in winning the hearts of his lovely followers.


Colors TV telecasted Bajirao Mastani at the same time, which was a blockbuster on box office but …. this tweet says the rest.

As per the host Kapil Sharma, the first show in Delhi was just to interact with the fans.

People were waiting for the first episode of The Kapil Sarma Show for a long time and then finally… The Show was started with a rocking entry of Kapil singing the famous “Aankhon Ke Saagar” song. Navjot Singh Sidhu, who was considered as a tadka in Comedy Night With Kapil was also seen in the show.

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The First Episode Of The Kapil Sharma Show

Shahrukh Khan was the first guest of the show. He was here to promote his recent movie FAN. Kapil asked so many questions to Shahrukh…

Kapil- Sir, You are a native of Delhi, You lives in Mumbai still you have chosen team Kolkata in the IPL?

Shahrukh replied in a very funny way and here is what he said…

look, As I am a native of Delhi I would have to distribute passes here, it could have taken me towards the loss while I am not even allowed in Wankhede Stadium. I chose Kolkata as I Found Mamta there. ( points towards Mamta Banerjee, CM of West Bengal )

He also dragged Amitabh Bachchan in an answer. Kapil asked many comic questions and all were answered gently by Shahrukh Khan.

Undoubtedly, the channel Sony has placed its largest bet on the name of Kapil Sharma. The Punjabi boy hailing from a humble background has won hearts of millions of Indians but Kapil himself has explained the importance of his on-screen family members including Kiku Sharda, Sunil GroverAli AsgarSumona Chakravarti and Chandan Prabhakar of Comedy Nights With Kapil. He proved it even in the First Episode Of The Kapil Sharma Show.

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The First Episode Of The Kapil Sharma Show

Kiku Sharda was pulled in a case for mocking Sant Gurmeet Ram Raheem. The actor was widely supported by people on social media. The public, here in the event was eagerly waiting to hear something from Kiku aka Palak of Comedy Nights with Kapil. Kapil made fun of him on the show and named Kiku as a Revolutionary Comedian.

Kapil didn’t even spare the Cheif minister of Delhi. He cracked a joke on Kejriwal by saying that people in Delhi don’t need any weather report as they can guess the weather just by watching Mr. Kejriwal. If he is wearing a Muffler than its winter otherwise summer.

The First Episode Of The Kapil Sharma Show

In The First Episode Of The Kapil Sharma Show, Dadi aka Ali Asgar, made the audience laugh with his new look. In the event, he took BCCI secretary Anurag Thakur to made the fans giggle. While Gutthi aka Sunil Grover was seen in the role of Haryanvi police on the show. Sunil Grover rocked the stage at the time when he was in the get-up of Shahrukh Khan’s Fan. He danced with Shahrukh on his new Song ‘Jabra’ and entertained the people.

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The First Episode Of The Kapil Sharma Show

As a part of the contract set by Colors, Kapil Sharma was not allowed to use the same characters for his new show. But, one can always believe Kapil and his inventive team to come up with extraordinary roles.

The First Episode Of The Kapil Sharma Show

According to, Ali Asgar who played Dadi on Comedy Nights With Kapil will be back as the blind Nani in The Kapil Sharma Show.“Nani claims that she is blind because of a cataract operation that was botched by Dr. Mashoor Gulati played by Sunil Grover. She says she can only see 10 percent. The doctor, on the other hand, says it’s not true. According to him, she does not want to pay him so she is acting blind and tries to prove that she can see. Nani will be seen doing some weird activities. She catches sounds. She does a peculiar gesture when she hears some sound and runs to the person who talks.”

The First Episode Of The Kapil Sharma Show was just rocking and we are waiting for the upcoming shows 🙂

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