Tears are not always a sign of weakness


Just few days before a Call from my friend made me cry.. YAH I WAS CRYING

According to me Tears can be a great indicator of how much a person actually cares for someone else. Since tears help to soothe and heal the soul from pain, when a person cries uncontrollably over a person or situation in their lives, chances are they have feelings for whatever it may be that is causing them to react in this manner. When we love someone we have to be ready for all of the things that being involved with someone may potentially lead us to. 

We may laugh with our loved ones, argue with our loved ones, and cry over the situations that we go through with our loved ones because our hearts are susceptible to being hurt when we choose to let others in. Never waste tears for someone who doesn’t love you the way that they should, or for the past, but instead use them when you really need them, use them when you need to grieve over situations that arise in the present.


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