Strong Is The New Beautiful !

Cropped image of woman working on laptop at home

Strength is the most wonderful adjective of a woman. If she is an imprint, success is her nostalgia. If she is the reasoning, affection is her emotional string. If she is words beauty is her language. She above all is a creation then the sky is her destiny. A woman is a world in herself. You may never know what she goes through to make every bit of things just work well. She suffers but probably that’s what suffering do. It connects us with that phantasmal person within us who has by default, all the necessary guts and urge to fight life and force to knee down. This is what a woman is best at. Hiding all her weaknesses and presenting herself in a lot more strong way than ever before. You can never judge a woman perfectly all your life ! bet upon, no researchers can answer appropriately what goes within her mind and her heart. Loving her unconditionally is the only way that leads to her joy and peace to even every person related to her. For she knows how to squeeze life in a single moment – nothing before, nothing beyond. No bracket of he past or the future. Only the delicious or hard ( not an issue even if its harder ) dot of a moment!


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Misha Singh Sarowal is one of the Co-founders of Kaiden World. A girl with an optimistic nature and a lady with an appropriate attitude. From being a good speaker to a writer, Misha is a perfect girl and a proud member of Kaiden World. A strong fate believer who highly and purely believes in god. A true sardarni and a True Indian.