OMG! This Is The Reality Of Those Stunning Locations In Bajirao Mastani


Bajirao Mastani, An Indian epic historical romance film, directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali was a dream project of the director. His vision of the film was effective in making the film aesthetically beautiful. We all loved the film but what gave it an extra edge was the special effects and the stunning locations where the scenes were shot. But wait… are you sure about those stunning locations in Bajirao Mastani?

Today, We are going to tell you the reality of those remarkable scenes in Bajirao Mastani. A recently released video about the film is going viral on all social platforms given it’s content on how VFX has been effectively used by the team to transform the film into a visual delight for the audience. Are you the one, who loved the movie? If yes, then this four-minute video will surely leave you surprised…

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Featured Image: ComedyFlavour