You Will Gonna Love These Night Out Places In Delhi

Gone are those days when Nightlife in Delhi was almost non-existent, as now, the night owls around the capital city have their haunts to hoot away at. Today we have an enormous number of things for the people in Delhi at night.


Delhi is a beautiful place to explore, and itself has a lot to offer any visitor. The city is historically and culturally connected as it has the memorable historical monuments and important governmental places including  India Gate, Qutub-Minar, Lal-Kila, The Parliament of India and The Rashtrapati Bhavan. Apart for all these demonstrations do you know about Nightlife In Delhi?

The visitors are loving Delhi for the places like Sarojini Market, Palika Bazar, Janpath for shopping. Apart from shopping, Delhi has various things for the daytime but do you know about the Nightlife in Delhi? 


Gone are those days when Nightlife in Delhi was almost non-existent, as now, the night owls around the capital city have their haunts to hoot away at. Today we have an enormous number of things for the people in Delhi at night.

(1) The Booty Call Cafe- Satya Niketan

The-Booty-Call-Satya-Niketan Nightlife in delhi

The Booty Call Cafe at Satya Niketan is famous for its Burgers and Fast Food. The opening hours of this cafe are from 9 PM to 4.45AM. It is one of the most prominent places among young foodies in South-Delhi at night. They also deliver the food for you. So, If you want to go out at night for your Tummy, then it is probably the best place for you.

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“This is awesome! An overnight place to grab food. Very much needed. Brilliant stuff! 🙂 ” -Muralidaran Subramanian (A Facebook User)

(2) Ganga Dhaba- JNU

The perfect place for Garam chai and parantha thali is the Ganga DhabaThe pride of JNU is the most famous place for the night out among youngsters.

Nightlife in delhi

Teens are crazy about this place because of its cheap and tasty food. Although the Dhaba is an Old style place which is not impressive at the very first look, but what matters is the fun you can have with your friends.

(3) Nightlife In Delhi At Connaught Place

The largest financial, commercial and business centre of the day-time is one of the most popular night out places in Delhi. No trip to New Delhi is considered as complete without discovering Connaught Place. The beauty of the empty roads of inner circle and outer circle

Nightlife in delhi

At night is something that makes you feel enthusiastic. The place has many clubs and Hotel for night-time Masti and Fun A loving home and one of my personal favourite.

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(4) India Gate

How can I miss it? How can I just forget India Gate while discussing nightlife in Delhi?

Nightlife in delhi

I don’t find anything more enthusiastic than visiting India Gate at night. A Perfect place for photography under the yellow lights all around. You can go with your family and friend to enjoy the beauty of India Gate at Night.

(5) Paranthe at Moolchand

Nightlife in delhi

My personal recommended place as there is no comparison of this parantha Wala in Delhi. They serve their paranthas sprinkled with a kind of chat powder and fried chilli on top of it. To add more to your taste and option, you can ask for rajma or raita along with the parathas and, of course, a glass of tea. The place near Lajpat Nagar is one of the most crowded places at night. They offer a variety of paranthas and yes their tea is superb.

(6) Murthal

Nightlife in delhi

Drive down 50kms from the nation’s capital and you’d reach Murthal- famous for the all-boys-gang-hangout. The place is not in proper Delhi but is a Synonym of Nightlife for people in Delhi. Murthal is famous for its cheap food, clean open-air Dhaba(s)- Sukhdev, Vaishnav, Gulshan Dhaba to name a few.

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(7) Gulati- Pandara Road, India Gate

The very famous restaurant near India gate. A little expensive but who cares about the money when all you need is a bite, good company and yes, safety too. You’d surely find lovebirds thronging this area post-midnight- Gulati at Pandara Road is a must-visit!


Gulati has a broad range of available food items and it remains open till 3 AM in the morning.

(8) Comesum

Comesum is a better choice when you just need a decent food at night time. A family restaurant that runs through the night and into the wee hours of the morning, you’d get to savour delicacies from all across the nation and the world, right here.
Nightlife in delhi

This is what I have for you today. I am continuously exploring and will be updating my list constantly. If there is any suggestion or place you want to add then, please let me know in the comments.