It happens almost every day. People on social media are crazy about Trolls and Memes. While it is really fun watching these trolls and sarcastic but logical comments on politicians and actors, some people set a really bad example for the use of these sources at their verge. Twitter with its ultimate freedom to say just anything to anyone, is often the breeding ground for vulgarity.

Specifically, twitter because it let us interact with the famous people directly.


In this case, the things were going completely fine.

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It was one such afternoon when Netflix India started a hashtag #LifeWithoutNetflix

soon after the hashtag, people got indulged in these tweets and then comes a man who decided to wash away their pride on the social platform.

As mentioned, “Mr BA Pass” might have thought it as a humorous tweet but it was not… because anything that is abusive, can not be hilarious.

people like him are usually ignored by the brands but here Netflix managed this guy in super cool style… 😀

and the game over.