The ‘Afreen Girl’ Announced Her Breakup On Valentine’s Day And Here’s How People Are Reacting

Momina Mustehsan

Momina Mustehsan, the girl became inspiration within a short span of time in 2016 and she still continues to make people furious with her name. Good Or Bed is what we should not say, but her breakup announcement on valentine’s day left her fans shocked enough.

After her Afreen video, she became crush to almost every single male and earned a lot of fame. From the time she first came on Coke Studio to people speaking their hearts out to her, momina grew to be among the most popular female singers in 2016.

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There was a news of her engagement in mid-2016 but momina denounced all those rumours and tweeted that she is not engaged to anyone.

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but later she accepted that yes, she is engaged and shared her fiance’s photo with the world.

Now, while their marriage was much expected…

Momina Made A Very Heartbreaking Announcement On Valentine’s Day…

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she accepted that the past news of ‘everything is not good with duo‘ was true. She wrote…

no one gets engaged to have it called off but sometimes things don’t go the way you would have wanted to or thought.

she declared that their families have mutually agreed to call off the engagement.

Soon after the announcement, Her fans on twitter came in support to her.

She Got A Lot of Support For Her Move To Express Herself Openly

The internet was full of tweets and messages in her support.

Well, More power to you Momina…

We hope you get through this <3 🙂

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Featured Image: Twitter