This is How You Can Maintain Body Weight And Gains

How You Can Maintain Body Weight And Gains

The Internet is full of tricks and tips where you can have unlimited ideas to maintain body weight and gains but nothing works actually when you are just serious about your health. While most of us are fighting for weight loss, many of us are searching for weight gain as well, right?

How You Can Maintain Body Weight And Gains
How You Can Maintain Body Weight And Gains?

Both approach, you’ll want to coach severely to help your restoration with the good diet. However, good diet alone isn’t sufficient. As a result of it isn’t nearly what you eat but additionally how a lot you eat. So with a purpose to get quantitative outcomes it is advisable to put in quantitative efforts in your nutrition. And for making an efficient vitamin plan on your physique, it’s important to calculate its upkeep calories.

Concept Of Maintenance Calories


Maintenance calories is a number of calories your body needs to maintain its current bodyweight. There are many online calculators and equations via which you can find it out.


In my case (Above Results), I need 2566 calories/day to maintain my current body weight while going to the other calculation I can have the option of losing as well as gaining the weight.

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Sometimes, If there are two persons of same weight, height, age, body fat and activity level, still one might need to have only 2500 calories to maintain his weight while other might go away consuming 3500 calories.

Now, it shows that Maintenance calories is not the only factor by which you can Maintain Body Weight And Gains.

The main reason for the variability in same cases is NEAT. Now, what is it?

What is NEAT?

NEAT, stands for ‘non-exercise activity thermogenesis’ or more easily put, any action outside of exercise. NEAT is what makes our metabolism slow or fast. Now while NEAT is the another factor, How can you find exact maintenance calories? Let’s Find it out…

Verify Your Present Weight and Calories:

For the subsequent two weeks weigh yourself on daily basis and remember you are weighing yourself right. If you don’t know the way to check your actual weight, you can read How To Weigh Yourself Right? and likewise, report the calories you’re consuming in meals as precisely as potential. Use meals weighing scale when cooking meals yourself and consult with on-line databases similar to mystical and calorie king when consuming outdoors. On the finish of two weeks, you’ll have 14 weight examine ins and 14 calorie check-ins.

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Now Find The Average:

Add the 14 calorie check-ins and divide it by 14. That’s how much of calories you consumed every day on an average. Let’s assume it came out to be 2100.

Then, split your weigh-ins into 2 weekly averages, by adding your first 7 weigh-ins together and dividing by 7 and doing the same thing with your last 7 weigh-ins as seen below.

Body weight

Week 1Week 2
Average 142.1Average 142.3

Effectively, we all know that 1 lb (zero.5 kg) of adipose tissue accommodates 3500 energy. Due to this fact, we will estimate how a lot of a surplus or deficit you might be in primarily based on weight change.

Hypothetically, if you happen to gained 1 lb (zero.5 kg) of fats in every week, you’d be, on common, consuming 500 energy greater than your upkeep per day, as 7 days x 500 energy = 3500.  So if you happen to solely gained zero.2 lbs (zero.1 g), you merely multiply 3500 x zero.2, which is 700 energy. This implies within the above instance you might be in a weekly surplus of 700 energy. And on a median, you might be every day consuming 100 energy greater than your upkeep (700 energy divided by 7 days).

Thus, you recognise that since your common consumption over 14 days was 2100 energy, you recognise upkeep is roughly 2000 (2100 – 100 energy).

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This fashion you could find out your physique’s actual upkeep energy primarily based on its NEAT and your individual exercise degree.

You can effectively Maintain Body Weight And Gains considering the above-mentioned points.