Did Lenskart Credit 1000Rs To You Too? While People across the country are receiving Lenskart Promotional Message saying that their account is credited with 1000Rs Twitter takes a dig at Lenskart by trolling their way of promoting themselves.

Ankita on twitter just said what we all want in reality. Okay, Just feel the first two sentences of this message.


lenskart promotional message

aati hai na achchhi si feeling? but fir baad me pta chalti hai sachchai to….

This tweet was not the end. She continued the conversation, and I am sure she has taken ” Jaise ko taisa” (Proverb In Hindi) very seriously. Haha well done Ankiii…

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Well, I am waiting For that day too.

Now, what is the solution for the irritating messages?

Not these tweets only. Here is the epic one.

On the other hand, Some tweets show the real agitation where people are irritated enough from these messages.

Although Lenskart is immediately replying on Twitter with apologies and solution But Companies with these types of promotional strategies should understand the real value of the customers and their time.

Are you facing the same problem? Let us know in the comments if you are receiving this Lenskart Promotional Message.