“Intolarant” India


I bring to you the most dreadful word of the week; brace yourselves, here it is- “Intolerant”! So all hell breaks loose when a certain resident of India chooses to call her “intolerant”. What exactly were his words? No one knows, for in India, we listen less, speak more; reply less and react more.

So Aamir Khan, one of the leading superstars of Bollywood happened to make the mistake of being candid and utter “When I chat with Kiran at home, she says ‘Should we move out of India?’ That’s a disastrous and big statement for Kiran to make. She fears for her child. She fears about what the atmosphere around us will be. She feels scared to open the newspapers every day.” But what did the media hear? “Aamir Calls India Intolerant!” read the headlines. The citizens of faithful mother India decided to burst out, going to the extent of deleting the Snapdeal app because Aamir happens to endorse it. My inquisitive mind for once wonders: Are these the same people who educate their sons and daughters so that they can settle abroad (because “India mein job opportunities bahut kam hai” or “India ki political sthiti pe mujhe bilkul yakeen nahi”)?
Here are a few more things which I think India is intolerant towards:
1. Feminism– Indian society simply cannot handle the fact that women are equal to men. Firstly, the word ‘feminism’ itself is wrapped up in myriad misconstrued notions here. Secondly, ‘doing it like a girl’ is the prime form of insult for many.

  1. Homosexuality – Politicians of India goes on to the extent of calling homosexuality ‘genetically handicapped’. There is no place for other queer communities as well.
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    Start-ups– India is integrally opposed to any job that deviates from the 9-5 mundane routines. Any family member infected with the notion of building his own empire is always brought around by through counselling, killing many dreams in the process.

  3. Exposing the truth – Media has turned journalism into sensationalism; it does not stop until it creeps in under your skin with its entirely dramatic presentations. Exposing fraud godmen again is a big no-no.

  4. Expressing oneself– Does one realize how ironically true Kiran’s words turned out to be? Indian politicians have arrested citizens for merely expressing themselves on social media or imprisoned cartoonists for creating creative impressions representing the society.

I ardently feel that before reacting, one should always reflect whereas in reality we do the otherwise. Let’s consider every notion before labeling the other’s notion to be entirely corrupted.


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Shreyashi Chakraborty, a book and music lover, opinionated introvert. A passionate wordsmith, who love playing with ideas and forging them into strings of beautiful words. She strongly believe in her ideals and strive to utilize her writings to hold up a mirror to the society. Her fond hobby includes smashing the flawed notions encroached in minds and liberating them.