Indian Superstitions Have Logic Behind Them

We all have grown up with some or the other Superstition. Do u have ever wondered there could be a reason or a story behind these superstitions?


We have already discussed Various Unique places in India but do u know that people from other countries always praise India as a hub of attractive cultural traditionsIndia is a country of traditions where we follow ancient strategies and traditions brought by our elders. Where we are becoming modern and enlightened day by day, there are still certain Indian superstitious beliefs that prevail.

We all have grown up with some or the other Superstition. Do u have ever wondered there could be a reason or a story behind these superstitions? Here I am trying to explain the logical reason behind some of the famous superstitions in India–

(1) ‘Dahee And Sugar’ Before Leaving


Dahee(Curd) is always preferred by our elders, especially our Grandparents want us to eat the combination of Dahee and Cheeni(Sugar) while going on an important interview or some other work.


Belief- Curd and Sugar are considered as a Good luck recipe as if someone will consume curd and sugar before leaving then it will result in providing him/her a better luck.

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Logic- Actually the consumption of curd keeps our tummy cool while the sugar gives up the instant energy to the body (Glucose). So you must have this from the next time because if your stomach will be happy then you for sure will be.

(2) ‘Neembu and Mirchi’ (Lemon and Chilli) At The Entrance Of The House

Neembu-Mirchi is too obvious at any Indian House. Lemon and Chilli in front of the house may seem too comical for a younger generations.


Belief- It is believed that the set of chilies and lemon prevents any bad luck or evil entering the house or shop. This Nimbu-Mirchi is also considered as a Totka to ward of an evil eye and spirits.

Logic- The logic behind this superstition is that these Neembu-Mirchi are pierced with a thread which absorbs the flavor and citric acid present. . This acts as a pesticide as this smell, in turn, kills germs and keeps insects and pests away. The organic pesticide has the high content of chillies for the same reason. Also, Chilli has various medicinal powers.

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(3) Don’t Cut Nails After Sunset

Well, this is too lame that someone should not cut his/her nails after sunset. What is the problem if I don’t have enough time to cut them in the morning or noon time?


Belief- It was believed that ghosts and spirits are more powerful in the dark. People have been warned to get attacked by these evil spirits in the darkness of night if people cut nails or shave hair after sunset.

Logic- Actually the Nail-Cutter have sharp blades. When we cut our nails in the dark or where there is no light the sharp blades may hurt us physically.

(4) Ringing Bells in Temple

You must ring the bell in temples while going for a worship. Yeah, it is true you must ring for the reason.


Belief- Bells in the temple are used to please God and ward off any evil. These bells are loud enough for God to hear and create a spiritual ambiance and create peace for us.

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Logic- The sound of these bells create a positive atmosphere and vibration. It also improves the concentration and activates the seven healing centers that are present in our body. This sound also pleases our ears.

(5) A Menstruating Woman is Impure

Mensuration is a natural and monthly process in a woman. When a woman menstruates her body sheds the lining of the uterus. Menstrual blood flows from the uterus through the small opening in the cervix and passes out of the body through the vagina.


Belief- Women have blood flow from their vagina during these days. They are not allowed to visit temples, Kitchen etc. during their menses as they are impure.

Logic- Woman undergo horrible pain, stress and become weak during this time and she needs rest so that its better avoid heavy work.

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