No Chance Of Taking Kulbhushan Jadhav Off The Noose, Pakistani Media Reports


India issued a strict warning to Pakistan that it risks dire consequences if it carried out the “farcical” death sentence imposed by a military court on Indian national Kulbhushan Jadhav. Even after the External Affairs Minister of India has made it crystal clear, Pakistani media has described it as an odd move, with experts weighing in the strategic fallout of the move.

“The military has given a severe punishment which is according to Pakistani law, But we will have to see if Pakistan can sustain the political and diplomatic fallout.” said political and defence analyst(Pakistan) Dr Hassan Askari.

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The Express Tribune of Pakistan in the front page heading ‘Self- confessed Indian spy awarded death sentence’ termed the decision as “unprecedented”.

It reported that the decision immediately sparked a bitter diplomatic spat between the two “hostile” neighbours.

The Dawn newspaper termed the decision as a “rare move”.

Hamid Mir, a senior journalist at Geo News said, “First of all, Pakistan should make the evidence found against the spy public, share it with the country and also internationally.”

“Secondly, why is everyone talking about an Indian reaction already? My belief is that India should be sensible and not react to the news at all. If people remember when Ajmal Kasab was sentenced, Pakistan had remained silent about the whole thing. Our prerogative was simple, if there is evidence against Kassab then he should be sentenced according to the Indian law.

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“So India should be sensible, not react to the news, not try to paint Jadhav as a hero, the media should take that same tone,” he said