The word HACKING is not as simple as it is while reading. From the epiglottis, You have to read it like haiiiiii-kinnnnnnnnnnn-ggggggg to reach nearby the difficulty of the actual profession. Permutation and combination of alphabets, digits, and special character, CSS cascading , SQL injections and much more. A Hacker is simply a genius who tries millions of combinations manually to break a simple password. Yes, Despite putting code and files, manual work plays a vital role in hacking. Okay, Do you have Ever Wondered How Long It Would Take For a Hacker To Break Your Password?

If you have a password as simple as “12345” or “password,” it would take hacker just .29 milliseconds to crack it, according to an interactive website from BetterBuys.

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Okay, Your password may be strong enough but do you know that In 2014, nearly half of Americans had their personal info disclosed by hackers – and that doesn’t even count the many companies that experienced ruptures.

Lets See How Long Would It Take For a Hacker To Break Your Password?

Many people still rely on weak passwords because they don’t take a serious note on hacking. Hackers can easily guess and break your password using free software tools like John the Ripper. A password that has a word found in a dictionary with a number thrown on the end is something that a tool like “John” could break in about an hour. Dedicating even An hour is not a big deal for a hacker to break your password.

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John uses what’s called a “brute force method” to attack passwords. Actually, a list of commonly used passwords is used in this method and passwords like “123456” or “password” – are consistently found on worst password lists – would take less than seconds to crack. This is the very first step used by hackers to hack your website or account.

The amount of characters used often makes a password safe. An info-graphic on the site shows having 7 characters could take only .29 milliseconds while using 12 characters could take up to two centuries. Still, that doesn’t mean that you should just add dictionary words to make your password longer, since adding complexity such as uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers, all help.

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You can check about the time it would take for a hacker to break your password here.