Finally Found ‘Bewafa Girl Sonam Gupta’


And more than enough has already happened in these few days. Now, Sonam Gupta is famous enough and according to a recent news, Sonam Gupta is planning for a Patch up

Everyone Was Asking For The Identity Of Internet’s ‘Bewafa Girl’ Sonam Gupta And Today… 


We have witnessed a national debate on the topic Sonam Gupta and we are sure that you have missed the Arnab Goswami Flavour of the debate. Yes!


Kejruu Ki Bewafai VS Sonam Gupta Ki Bewafai

The Whole story was initiated by a 10rs note and now Sonam Gupta is on the new currency also.


Sonam Gupta ka Bollywood Connection

Sonam Gupta became unfaithful and broke the f*cking Internet.

But Some of us are still confused that who is Sonam Gupta? What does she want? And why did she effing cheat?

UNESCO reported Sonam Gupta as the most unfaithful lover in the world. Here are the Bewafai Rankings for India as declared on their website.

1. Sonam Gupta

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2. Raja Chaudhary

3. Hrithik/Kangana

4. Katappa


Still Confused About That Who is Sonam Gupta?


Here Is The Sansani Episode— Truth Of Sonam Gupta

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