In the recent past, negative views about capital Delhi have ruled out the intelligence of people on social media and various other platforms. In addition to writing a proper Hindi blog on the Myth that Delhi is a rape capital, Here I am trying to bring to your notice that Delhi is not that bad as you might have assumed it to be. Scroll down to take some positive vibes about Delhi.

I have discussed Metro and Nightlife In Delhi in my previous write-ups. Here are the 13 facts about Delhi that will make you feel proud of being a Delhiite.

(1) Delhi Metro

Delhi Metro feel proud of being a delhiite

Delhi Metro is the lifeline of Delhi. Since the metro is important for the capital city, it also stays the reason that makes us feel proud. The Delhi Metro Carries More Than 700 Million People In A Year, which is more than the double of the population of the United States of America. On a daily average, around 23 lakh people travel by metro in Delhi. To know some more facts about Delhi metro you can also read 13 Amazing Facts About Delhi Metro.

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(2) Feel Proud On Your DTC Network

DTC delhi

Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) is the main public transport operator of Delhi and we all know this fact. The Reason, why I am including it, is the fact given in the image above. In an international study by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), the conversion of Delhi into using CNG was regarded as one of the top 10 policies in the world. Delhi has more than 1 crore CNG run vehicles, to control the air pollution levels on the roads.

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(3) Nightlife In Delhi

Nightlife in deli to feel proud on being a delhiiite

A Delhiite can never ignore the nightlife of Delhi while feeling Proud Of Being A Delhiite. Delhi has various things for the daytime but do you know about the Nightlife in Delhi? Yes, it is awesome. Here I have listed some places for night out if you are new to the city and its places- List Of Night Out Places In Delhi

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(4) Dwarka- The Largest Subcity 


Being a resident of Dwarka, One can feel the pride of residing in the biggest sub-city of Asia in Delhi. Dwarka is probably the best place in Delhi to live in.

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(5) Street Food Of Delhi


Delhi is a foodies’ paradise. From street food to international cuisines, Delhi, or as we lovingly call ‘Dilli’, can blow your mind in every expense. You can have a number of delicious and unique food items while in clubs in restaurants, From the Chhole Kulchas to the Parantha‘s of the Paranthe wali Gali, street food is the best thing in terms of food in Delhi. “O yeah” You will love it for sure.

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(6) A Rich Heritage


We have already discussed Various Unique places in India but the reality that people from other countries always praise India as a hub of attractive cultural traditions. With 3 World Heritage Sites, 174 National Protected Monuments and hundreds of state protected monuments, the message goes strong about the rich heritage that Delhi has. The monuments have been protected by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

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(7) Second Most Bird-Rich Capital City