American Conspiracy Behind 9/11 Attacks: Exposed


People regard 9/11 Attacks as the most significant event in American history. It killed more people inside U.S. boundaries than any other one-day event since the Pearl Harbor attack. There are many existing theories behind the particular event but Do you know about the American conspiracy behind 9/11 attacks? Yes, it was not a Terrorist activity but a well-planned plot of America.

american conspiracy behind 911 attacks

Multiple Theories Behind Attacks


Various people and countries have different aspects and approaches for these attacks, and here I am presenting some of them before the most prominent one which says that there was an American conspiracy behind 9//11 attacks.

(1) Involvement Of Illuminati

The participation of this mysterious elite group Illuminati in these attacks can only be understood after reading IlluminatiSteven Jackson board games will point to the fact that the visualisation of the New World Order is a tricky, cunning process controlling the world! “Illuminati – The new World Order Game” plotted the 9/11 attacks six years earlier. Every card in his game had a depiction of a disaster the world would face some years later. For example, “Terrorist Nuke” card had the picture of the 9/11 explosions, “Pentagon” shows the Pentagon burning before the actual attacks.

American conspiracy behind 911 attacks

(2) Suspected Insider Trading

According to this theory just before 9/11, an “extraordinary” amount of put options, which gives the owner of the put the right to sell an asset, Were placed on United Airlines and American Airlines stocks and speculate that insiders may have known in advance of the coming events of 9/11 and placed their bets accordingly. Osama Bin Laden was a suspect in this theory.American conspiracy behind 911 attacks

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(3) Air Defense Stand Down Theory

According to this theory, NORAD had the capability of locating and intercepting planes on 9/11, and its failure to do so indicates a government conspiracy to allow the attacks to occur. Conspiracy theorist Mark R. Elsis says: “There is only one explanation for this … Our Air Force was ordered to Stand Down on 9/11.”

American conspiracy behind 911 attacks

Several other theories include Israeli Agents Theory, The Pentagon Theory, World Trade Centre Theory. 

American Conspiracy Behind

You can not deny the involvement of America in these attacks. The attacks of 9/11 COULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED without the willful failure of the American defence system. The buildings which were made of sturdy steel collapsed as a result of burning jet fuel :O. Is this possible?

Yes, it was an American conspiracy behind 9/11 Attacks but what was the reason behind this plot?

Now, Did America attack himself? If yes then why so?

An Indian social activist Rajiv Dixit, who is no more in this world, had claimed this and yes not only claimed but had proved it. Rajiv Dixit argued that the US plotted the 9/11 attack on their own and then declared the war against al-Qaida and Osama Bin Laden. I will be showing you the video, but before that, it is necessary to know about Rajiv Dixit.

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Who was Rajiv Dixit?

Rajiv Dixit was an Indian social activist. He established social movements to spread awareness on topics of Indian national interest through the Swadeshi movementAzadi Bachao Andolan, and various other works. He served as the National Secretary of Bharat Swabhiman Andolan.

Wikipedia is having only this much info about this great man, but there is a lot more to know about him. There are more than enough reasons to believe the person as he is superb in his qualities.

Some Of The Facts Given By Rajiv Dixit 

  • Not a single plane was involved in the collapse of the twin towers. These were purely doctored pictures (Trick photography.) People walking about at that time are amazed that claims of planes hitting them are being cited. The planes alleged to have been hijacked all sitting right where they should: in various hangars.
  • Even in the video, Explosions started even when the plane (yes, the doctored photo) was 500 meters away from the building. You can watch Here.
  • All Americans who worked in 9/11 were given a holiday and asked not to come to work on 9/11. Only 3000 NON-Americans died. Not a single American citizen was killed in these attacks.
  • “American” sold these towers to Arabs a few days before the incident. The towers were then insured by Japanese, who were given the huge bill for this massive destruction. Just like they were given the Hiroshima bomb.
  • Building 7, A nearby building was destroyed in the evening, and its owner told people he was paid off by George Bush.
  • Bush and Osama Bin Laden had 51 per cent and 49 per cent ownership of Eurocol company, with Bush’s mother Barbara Bush as a principal adviser. They jointly planned 9/11 to give them an excuse to occupy Afghanistan so that they could exploit the natural gas resources of Afghanistan.
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These points are not only the points, but if you see the complete video, you will be getting a detailed explanation of each point. You will be able to connect these points to some of the current stories as well. So here is the video…

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