Money is one of the most valuable things today and will be for future. No doubt that everyone wants money and there is no magic method still invented to have unlimited money. But, What if I will say that I will tell you a trick to earn money while Shopping?

I think you won’t believe if I will say that in addition to the discount coupons that can be found on various websites like Grabon, you can also have cash back for every product you buy from websites like Flipkart and Amazon. Yes, cashback!! and that too real cash.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Save & Earn via


Cashkaro is an Indian website that facilitates you with cashback on whatever you buy through different websites. All you need to do s to just open these websites through Cashkaro.


Let me do this step-by-step…

(1) First, open this website and Fill this Sign-up Form
CaptureAfter the successful submission of JOIN FREE NOW form, You are eligible to take cashback for your next purchase.

(2) While you want to purchase, just go to this website and log yourself in.

CaptureHere, you will get the info of your account and deals for the day.

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(3) Choose from the best deals or just search for the product you want to buy. For example, I want to buy ADIDAS SHOES…
Capture adidas shoesNow, take the first result…

Rs 2299 from Amazon and u will get Rs 184 as a cash-back. Now click on Grab Deal and buy the product. You can also apply any coupon after this click.