Bangladesh Is Planning To Ban Facebook For Six Hours Per Day, Here Is The Reason


Facebook has shifted from a social networking website to a fact of life. We can’t imagine a single hour without FB and when it is about banning it for six hours, at least we Indians can’t digest. But, it is going to happen in one of our neighboring countries, Bangladesh.

As per the reports of a Bangladeshi dailythe country is planning to block the access of facebook for six hours daily. According to the same report, this step is being considered for “betterment of students and youth”.


Telecom Ministry has received a letter from the cabinet, which states that students are affected by Facebook and at the same time, it’s also “dimming the working capabilities of the youths”, according to The Daily Star’s report which goes on to add that Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission has been asked by the telecom division to express views on the matter.

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The country had taken a similar step in the past where youtube was banned for 260 days.

Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) is against this ban and rather recommends the involvement of educational institutions as well as parents over the issue, as reported by the daily.

Well, we can’t thank enough to our government which is far away from such things…

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