Caption For Life


caption for life

Though we can all make excuses as to why certain things may happen in our lives, and it may be fascinating to show the world only what is good about us, and none of our flaws. Living life in this manner isn’t truly setting a caption for life? Sure no one wants anybody to see them mess things up, and no one wants to be viewed as a failure, but one is truly only viewed as a failure not when they fall down, but only after they refuse to get back up.


In this dog eat dog world, the people who are usually remembered are those who are victorious. As long as one is gracious and determined enough to keep going after failure after failure, eventually, one will be victorious, and will be remembered as a winner, and not as someone who succumbed to their failures.

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We must focus on showing the world how good we are, instead of trying to hide how bad that we can be.